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KiloFlow Continous flow systhesizer
  Product ID:chemtrix-03
  Product Name:KiloFlow Continous flow systhesizer
  Product Brand:Chemtrix BV
  Product origin:Netherlands
  Product model:KiloFlow
Product details:


The turnkey kilo-lab in your fume hood

Chemtrix’ KiloFlow® is the first flow chemistry platform to scale your reaction from gram method development to hundreds of kilogram production! This combination of scalability and flexibility, in a single system, allows the exploration of new chemical space and kilo-lab operations to be performed in a standard laboratory fume hood.

KiloFlow® is a turnkey system comprising of pumps, reactors, heat exchangers, temperature control and pressure regulation, designed to enable the researcher to readily access ‘extreme’ temperatures (-15 to 195 ºC), reaction times (ms to min) and pressure conditions (20 bar); enabling previously ‘forbidden’ transformations and intensified processes within a conventional laboratory setting.

KiloFlow® is a modular flow reactor system based on the use of multiple glass meso reactors for the production of synthetic materials, at throughputs ranging from 0.3 litres to 140 litres a day via one- or multi-step synthetic routes. Employing static mixer technology and a tubeless holder, a high-degree of reaction control is obtained enabling the user to directly scale reaction conditions, whilst maintaining the yields and selectivities identified during reaction screening; accelerating the speed with which projects can be transferred from R&D to small-scale production.

  • Scale your reaction from gram, method development, to hundreds of kilogram production, in one flow system

    Continuous flow chemistry is a rapidly emerging technology that enables researchers to evaluate and produce synthetic materials using conditions that would otherwise be inaccessible using conventional batch techniques. The length scale that reactions are performed on is key to harnessing the advantages of this technology; which stem from the rapid mixing and efficient thermal transfer at the µm to mm scale.
    Synthetic benefits of flow reactors:

    • Access ‘extreme’ reaction conditions with an increased safety profile
    • Efficient generation and reaction of unstable intermediates
    • Method development using mg’s of raw material
    • Direct scaling of laboratory conditions to achieve high productivities


    Manufacture: Chemtrix BV   Model: KiloFlow  Produced in Netherlands
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