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Scalable Flow Chemistry Reactor
  Product ID:chemtrix-02
  Product Name:Scalable Flow Chemistry Reactor
  Product Brand:Chemtrix BV
  Product origin:Netherlands
  Product model:Labtrix S1
Product details:


Fast reaction development resulting in Scalable Flow Chemisty mehods


The Labtrix® system is a fully automated, standardized, "plug and play" platform for laboratory based reaction screening, optimization and kinetic data determinations using flow chemistry. Labtrix® can be used to perform syntheses at temperatures ranging from -15°C to + 195°C and at pressures of up to 25 bar. Labtrix® can be used to evaluate many reaction parameters in a short period of time, employing very little raw material.

Synthetic Route Development

The speed of this micro reactor system makes it ideal for;
  • Component research
  • Reaction scouting and optimization
  • Kinetic data determinations
  • Process feasibility studies
  • Process validation
  • Additive screening

... and doing so with very small amounts of material / 200 data points with 7 ml of solvent and <100 mg active material.

The speed and automation of this system enables the chemist to perform exhaustive reaction screening, producing a truly optimized method suitable for translation into a continuous production process.

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Reaching a steady state is rapid thanks to the small reactor of which enable fast changes in temperature, flow rate and stoichiometry. 100's different experiments can be performed per day, per person using Labtrix® S1.

The system is delivered with 5 different pre-defined micro reactors, enabling a wide variety of synthetic reactions to be evaluated. Optional reactors are available for biphasic (l/l & g/l) as well as heterogeneous catalysis.

Glass reactors
The reactors supplied with Labtrix® S1 are fabricated using Schott borosilicate D263 glass, which affords excellent chemical compatibility for a wide range of synthetic transformations.

Extreme conditions
Syntheses can be performed in a pressurized system (< 25 bar), over a wide temperature range (-15°C to +195°C) enabling facile access to extreme reaction conditions, while maintaining all commonly used organic solvents in the liqiud phase.

Multiple input/step syntheses
The variety of reactors supplied with the system enables reactions ranging from those employing two to four solution inputs allowing multi-step or multi-input syntheses to be performed on a single reactor.

Employing a user friendly interface, the intuitive Labtrix® S1 software guides the user through the steps required to set-up automated flow reactions. With input parameters including reaction time, temperature and stoichiometry (equivalents), the software automatically calculates the flow rates and reactant volumes required based on a series of pre-loaded reactor types and supplied reactant concentrations. Conditional programming allows the user to define the type of sample collected i.e. based on time, temperature reached, total volume or dispensed volume and automatically calculates the run time required.

The Labtrix® S1 software is designed to enable the rapid optimisation of conditions such as reactant stoichiometry, reaction time and temperature, an example of which can be found in;
Translation of Microwave Methodology to Continuous Flow for the Efficient Synthesis of Diaryl Ethers via a Base-mediated SNAr Reaction’. Beilstein J. Org. Chem., 2011 (in press).

As the system is capable of producing multiple samples in a short period of time, automatic sample collection allows the system to be operated unattended, 24/7.
Automatic parameter logging enables archiving of the reaction conditions employed, along with a real time graphical view.
CE qualified

Upon request, customized reactors can be produced to meet the needs of a special user.

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