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Conjure™ Segmented Flow Chemistry Reactor
  Product ID:Accendo01
  Product Name:Conjure™ Segmented Flow Chemistry Reactor
  Product Brand:Accendo
  Product origin:USA
  Product model:Conjure™
Product details:
Automated Reaction Screening, Libraries and Scale Up


Conjure Segmented Flow Chemistry
The Conjure is a fully automated segmented flow chemistry system. Conjure has holds up to 40 different materials for screening or library synthesis, even matrix libraries are possible. With the automated segment preparation a broad spectrum of stoichiometries can be programmed. With online LC/MS, the Conjure will sample each segment, dilute and inject into an online LC/MS. Throughput of data is as high as every 5 minutes.
The Conjure also has multi-step synthesis capabilities where first stage reactions can be independently incubated from -20 to 100 °C prior to addition of second step reagents.
Broaden Your Chemistry
• Accelerate your chemistry
• Extreme Reaction Conditions
• Super-heated Temperatures: -20 to 300 °C
• High Pressures: 150 Bar
• Microwave type reactions but at high pressure
• Immobilize metal catalyst reactors
• Palladium
• Copper

Green Chemistries
• Explore Green solvents at +200 °C:
• Methanol
• Ethanol
• Propanol

Automate More Conditions
• Automate reaction preparation and injections
• Automate scale up: milligram to 100s of grams
• Automated online LC/MS Analysis and Prep LC/MS

Conjure Technical Specifications

Conjure Hardware
Pump Module
Transport Solvents                      (3) Solvent Reservoirs
Flow Rate                                       20 to 3,400 μL per minute

Segment Preparation Module
Reagent Diversity                             (40) Reagent Reservoirs
Mixing Temperature Range              -20 to 100 °C
1st Stage Reactor Temperature     -20 to 100 °C
Segment Reagents                          Up to four reagents per segment

Reactor Module
Temperature Range                        - 20 to 300 °C
Reactor Materials
                                                             Teflon (PFA)

Analytical Interface Module
Sample Volume   Configurable     20 to 1,000 μL
Dilution Ratio                                      Neat to 250
LC/MS                                                   Analytical and Preparative

Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7
Conjure Software
Conjure Design Wizard Offline experiment designer application
Conjure System Control System control and segment tracking application
Optional: Design of Experiment StatEase—DesignExpert
Chemistries and Versatility?
The Conjure Flow Reactor System has proven to perform many types of chemistries, specifically, chemistries that are usually only run in microwave reactors and forbidden chemistries such as those utilizing azides.
• Click Chemistry
• Aryl Subsititutions
• Diehls Alder
• Cyclizations
• Sonogashira
• Decarboxylations
• Michael Additions
• Suzuki Reactions

The Conjure contains a two-stage reactor system that enable multi-step reactions, such demonstrated with Click Chemistry where the azide is synthesized insitu in the first stage and then subsequently used in the second step preparation. Conjure also provides flexibility of scale. The system is routinely used in Medicinal Chemistry for reaction screening, optimization and library production. But also integrated in Process Research for the screening of more
cost-effective reaction conditions and scale-up of early preclinical quantities.
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