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Personal Flow Chemistry Synthesizer
  Product ID:chemtrix-01
  Product Name:Personal Flow Chemistry Synthesizer
  Product Brand:Chemtrix
  Product origin:Netherlands
  Product model:Labtrix Start
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Personal Flow Chemistry Synthesizer

Labtrix® Start (Standard)

The Labtrix® Start system is a manual, standardized, "plug and play" platform for laboratory based optimization of reactions within glass micro reactors. It can be used at temperatures ranging from -15°C to +195°C and under pressures up to 25 bar. Labtrix® Start can be used to access forbidden chemistry and to evaluate many reaction parameters in a short period of time, employing very little raw material

Labtrix® Start Flex

Labtrix® Start Flex employs customised parts fabricated from the most chemically resistant engineering plastic, PPS (polyphenylsulfide). Available as an upgrade to the standard Labtrix® Start system or as a complete system, the Flex set enables the application range of existing Labtrix® Start systems to be increased to include the manipulation of reagents such as sulfuric acid, trifluoroacetic acid 1, nitrobenzene and butyl lithium. Whilst maintaining the thermal range (-15 to 195 ºC) and pressure tolerance (25 bar) of the standard Labtrix® Start system. To demonstrate the system, the TFA 1-promoted synthesis of 2,3,4,9-tetrahydro-1H-carbazole 2 is reported, with the title compound accessed at 195 ºC (30 s) at a throughput of 102.7 mg h-1 via a two-step synthesis from a commercially available ketone. Please click here for the application note.


Synthetic Route Development

The Labtrix® Start is intended for research and development purposes as a personal flow synthesizer providing;

Access to forbidden chemistry with an easy-to-use system, examples include:

  • Radiolabeling
  • Catalyst Screening
  • Enzyme Screening
  • Azide Synthesis



Reaching steady state is rapid thanks to the small reactor volumes which enable fast changes in temperature, flow rate, stoichiometry. 20 to 30 different experiments can be performed per day, per person using Labtrix® Start.


The system is delivered with 5 different pre defined micro reactors, enabling a wide variety of synthetic reactions to be evaluated. Optional reactors are available for biphasic (l/l & g/l) as well as heterogeneous catalysis.

Glass reactors

The reactors supplied with Labtrix® Start are fabricated using Schott borosilicate D263 glass, which affords excellent chemical compatibility for a wide range of synthetic transformations.

Extreme conditions

Syntheses can be performed in a pressurized system (< 25 bar), over a wide temperature range (-15°C to +195°C) enabling facile access to extreme reaction conditions. While maintaining all commonly used organic solvents in the liqiud phase.

Multiple input/step syntheses

The variety of reactors supplied with the system enables reactions ranging from those employing two to four solution inputs allowing multi-step or multi-input syntheses to be performed on a single reactor.


Upon request, customized reactors can be produced to meet the need of a special user.

CE qualified

        Manufacture: Chemtrix BV      Model: Labtrix Start          Produced in Neitherlands 
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