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Futura Continuous Flow Analyzer
  Product ID:AMS-Alliance01
  Product Name:Futura Continuous Flow Analyzer
  Product Brand:AMS France
  Product origin:France
  Product model:Futura
Product details:


The Ultimate Continuous Flow Analyzer

Taking advantage of a unique, modular design, each Futura console is capable of running a variety of analytical methods using different CFA techniques. The integration of a pump, manifold, and detector into each console simplies manifold changeover. Advanced features such as automatic manifold washout and shut down enable walk away or overnight operation and make the Futura a highly versatile tool for today’s laboratory.

Consoles may be linked to run multiple parameters in parallel, doubling, tripling or even quadrupling overall system throughput. Up to 12 analytical channels in any combination can be run simultaneously. From simple colorimetric assays to complete in-line distillations and digestions, users can pick from a library of both micro-bore and macro bore CFA methods. Whether your needs are environmental, industrial, food, or wine applications, the Futura can provide an automated solution.

Features / Benefits

  • Easy maintenance
  • Optimized reagent management (Storage)
  • Very low consumption of reagents
  • Minimum analytical cost per test
  • Flexible and modular system (additional manifolds or consoles …) ; at any time, reconfigure a console to meet the current needs of the laboratory
  • Dual probe
  • Auto startup/shutdown
  • Auxiliary valves with delayed reagent sequencing
  • Multi-test Cartridges
  • Flow cell path length — 5-50mm

The Futura can handle simple or complex chemistries involving inline distillations, digestions, and extractions. The unique design allows for ultimate flexibility and productivity whether you need to run only a single chemistry or if you need to run multiple channels up to a total of 12 at one time.


Enable the automation of the most complex chemistries (dialysis, distillation, UV digestion…),
Automatic preparation of standard solutions,
Automatic Pre and Post Dilutions of off scale samples,
Extreme Precision thanks to the digital colorimeter
Dynamic Range,
Programmable automatic shut down*,
Programmable automatic start up*
* Including methods with Cadmium columns

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