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Proxima Continuous Flow Analyzer
  Product ID:AMS-Alliance02
  Product Name:Proxima Continuous Flow Analyzer
  Product Brand:AMS France
  Product origin:France
  Product model:Proxima
Product details:


Compact and Economical Continuous Flow Analyzer

Based on traditional continuous flow technology, the Proxima has been designed to offer the most effective solution for segmented flow analysis at a very attractive price. It has been designed to reduce the cost of analysis without decreasing performance.

  • Run up to 5 parameters within the same module
  • Consists of two optimized 26 position pumps (2 x 13)
  • Micro flow capacity that reduces reagent consumption and waste
  • Modular design allows quick manifold changeover to extend number of parameters
  • Compact footprint to conserve bench space
  • High throughput with up to 500 tests/hour

Simplicity and Security

With the Proxima, segmented flow analysis becomes much easier and doesn’t require a highly trained operator. Set up is easy, and operation is simple. The system will analyze between one and five analytes simultaneously at the detection limits defined by the method. The two 26 position pumps (52 tubes in total) are operated by the software. Options like automatic start up, automatic shutdown, and leak detection enable longer walk-away times and simplify your analysis even further.

For safety, the reagent drawer located below the instrument, allows one to store all your reagents “inside” the instrument and will reduce the risks due to handling of hazardous reagents and also save bench space.

High analytical throughput

The Proxima will allow you to run all of your analysis at the optimum throughput. With its reduce reagents consumption (micro or macro-flow), and its high sensitivity detector ( digital colorimeter with 24 bit A/D converter) the Proxima will give you consistent results even when working at very low detection limits.

Fast analytical manifold change over 

Using the Proxima will also allow you to use the unique rapid “Alliance system” to measure other parameters with the same instrument. In less than 5 minutes, you can replace a manifold (simply disconnect the tubes and pull away the complete plate with the pump tube holder). To eliminate the opportunity for mistakes, each manifold is supplied with its own pump tube holder.

Up to 500 results per hour

When the instrument is ready to run, just load your sampler and place your reagents in the drawer. The instrument will run your analysis at a speed from 20 to 100 analyses per channel (according to the method). In a five channels configuration, you will be able to run up to 500 results per hour.
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